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The Process

Initial Meeting

We meet with you at our showroom. We ask that you bring in a Drawing or Sketch (with measurements) of the area you would like us to build. From this we will figure out your square footage. (Don't worry we won't be fabricating anything based on your drawing)

We will then discuss edge detail, cutouts, and the color choice of your granite. With these and your measurements we will be able to provide you with a rough estimate.

If you like the estimate we ask for a 50% deposit. We will then reserve the slab you've chosen.

We will give you two date. One for the template and one for the install. When arranging these dates please keep in mind any unforeseen delays in construction or cabinet installation.

The Template

On the template date we will send out an individual to get final measurements and build the templates of the pieces we will be making for you. (from these we will fabricate your items) Once we have these we will be able to lock in your price, as we charge by the actual square footage used and not by the slab.

it is very important that someone be at the job site to answer questions specific to the job. (Please understand if this is your builder we will go with what he tells us. We will also need all sinks and faucets to be on site if you are not using ours.

(if you are having a tile tear out done, it will be scheduled the day before your install.)

The Install

On the Install date our professional installers will bring the countertops to your locations. They will remove your laminate countertops if applicable free of charge. They will set the pieces, level and join any seams. Once the work is complete and you are satisfied (usually the same day) we ask for the remaining 50%.


  • New Install

We will work with your builder to ensure your new countertops are a perfect fit.

  • Countertop Removal

We remove your old laminate countertops free of charge prior to us installing your new Custom Made Countertops

  • Tile Tear Out

If your old tile countetops need to be removed prior to install we can remove these for you for a small fee.

  • Repair

Is your Beautiful Countertop damaged? many times we can patch or repair the damage. Contact us for more information.